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Las Cruces, NM
United States

Jonathan Sharp is a narrator and voice over talent located in Las Cruces, NM.  With reasonable recording rates and professional quality, Jonathan will give your vision a voice.



Greetings adventurers and welcome back…to the deep


The group was sailing from Shimmer Point to the Isle of Silvanus where the Great Oath Ceremony will be held  aboard the Diligent Destiny. Having thwarted Sihaugan pirates, Kenku thieves, and frenzied Werewolves our little band has managed to earn the trust of Captain Bitterfinger and his crew of dwarves. As the arduous voyage nears a close rounding the Smoking Isles, a disabled ship is spotted in the night flying the flag of the Bone Roses.  Not wanting to leave this potential goldmine of salvage to the waves, Captain Bitterfinger orders his crew to board the vessel, attach tow lines, and take her a prize.  Knowing the potential for ambush, Bitterfinger strikes a deal with our heroes: Provided they secure the boat and route any lingering pirates, they may keep any treasures they find on board.  Reluctantly, and with great caution, they board the ghost ship now known as the Briar Rose and investigate its secrets…

What sort of horrors did this vessel, stained with blood and scarred by battle, face in its recent past?

What mysteries lie in wait for our heroes just below the deck boards?

The answers to these questions and more will be answered tonight!